Write your way through

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Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel confused – lacking clarity?

Are you needing to let go of something but can’t find the courage?

Are you constantly overwhelmed with life and everything you are dealing with?

Do you carry a constant sadness that you can’t seem to shake -a sense of hopelessness?

Are you unable to trust yourself to make decisions that you used to easily make?

Know that you're not alone.

Grief is universal. It is not limited to death.
 When we lose things, by choice or force,
(careers, health, relationships, belief systems, personal safety, animals, our homes, who we once were) 
or we enter into different stages of life and must face things we don’t understand, we will inevitably grieve. 

Grief hides in the tiny places of your body. It is felt in the bones.  We carry it with us wherever we go.  Grief makes you tired and sluggish. It persists when unnamed because we have not been taught to honor it or have compassion for it.  We hide it because it is shamed. We take pills to make it go away.  We find one-hundred ways to sidetrack it.

If something or someone has made you believe that you need push through or deny your grief, it is time to reject that belief, because your grief needs your attention and your compassion.  

We need to examine what hurts us the most, so we can take action for change and find hope.  And, we need safe and supportive places to do this.

Many of us don’t even know ourselves because we are living by life’s playbook and distracting ourselves at every turn. When we take time to examine our inner world, our hopes, our loss, our physical and emotional pain, we are embarking on a sacred act.  Writing is a safe way to do this!  

"Write Your Way Through"

I'm ready

Audio and email writing prompts, inspiration, support and  valuable resources.  Class starts in September 2022.

All writing prompts are emailed or sent through audio.
No pressure, no deadlines, no zoom calls or forced structure. Just an opportunity to be guided through a personal writing experience. 

I'm ready

An opportunity to embark down a path of discovery, self-compassion, empowerment, clarity and vision. An opportunity for

authentic self-expression.

At the end, I will show you how to create a few pieces of poetry from your writing. (This is the fun part but is completely optional).

clarity and understanding

self expression, empowerment

hope and vision

beautiful transformation

what's included

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Support and inspiration.

Daily inspiration, writing prompts, curiosity questions and guidance to get you started, keep you focused, and help you uncover blocks for clarity and creativity.  

Embark down a path of newfound

Writing points us in the direction of where we are trying to go.
What are you worth? I think you are worth everything in the world. You matter because you are here, and you are alive. Every investment you make into yourself benefits you and everyone you love.   

Heal from wounds and grief that you’ve denied, ignored or haven’t made time for. Get excited about your life again.

When we heal ourselves we heal the ones we love. We show up differently, we become more peaceful, authentic, and free. Our relationships change and we become the truest expression of genuine love. We give our children the gift, inspiration and roadmap to do the same. Growing together as a healthy family is a dream and desire I’ve had my entire life. If this is also your dream, this is why we choose to heal. It’s not always easy but the benefits are endless and life-changing, and that is why we write! 

Access your inner creative spirit.

I believe creativity is the most empowering and authentic expression of who we are. When we create, we truly come alive!
Writing, dancing, singing, music, and any type of art or work using our hands, our mind, our body and our voice integrates this expression and breathes life into every part of our sacred soul.
Start writing and ignite your inner spirit – your inner child.

"Writing invites us to our inner world. To know, understand, honor and express ourselves. It can help us transform from pain to acceptance and compassion."

I'm ready

"Your unshared stories, your denied experiences, and unlived expression are like carrying the weight of the world that you can never put down."

"When you don’t feel safe or brave enough to speak, WRITE."

I believe we are all creative beings.  We are all artists, and we choose who we want to become every single day in the form of intention and action.  This isn't always easy, but with the right support it can be easier.  I've been teaching on various subjects (in some form or another) for most of my life. One of my teaching gifts is loving support.

My deepest hope is to inspire you to honor your soul and your voice. I hope you always choose you, because you deserve vitality in every form.  You deserve support.

If you would like help with personal expression, please join my writing course.  Or you can join my community, or follow me on social media.  Above all, do what makes you happy and serves your soul.

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namaste, xoxo

Write Your Way through Course

Daily writing prompts, curiosity questions & guidance
sent through email.  Not a ZOOM class.

Tap into your inner voice, thoughts, and passions & access your inner creative spirit.  Access hope & passion.



Ready for a transformation?

starting September 2022

Go at your own pace.
30 Days of writing prompts,
inspiration, and valuable resources.


The poetry portion is optional. Once we reach the end of the course, I will be guiding you through a simple process to create poetry pieces from your writing, should you choose to do so.

This is not a writing course with rules. This is an opportunity for creative self-expression. Your thoughts, your words, your grammar, your way! An opportunity to authentically feel and be you all over the pages. I will not be grading or judging your writing. You do not need to share it with me or anyone. Unless you choose to.

Yes, and Yes! If you are desiring to write music, this course will plant a seed of self-expression for your music, poetry and anything else you desire. 

You can save every email and take a year to finish this course if you need to. I don’t recommend taking a year because you may never come back to the emails, but you are not being timed. This is an opportunity for accountability to start and finish something beautiful and life-changing.

It all depends on your definition of support, but I am definitely available for questions and guidance throughout the course. This is a community and I want it to feel that way.  

Self-expression is an opportunity to transmute pain into relief. Many people have not been allowed to express themselves safely, so this is an opportunity for you to finally tap in to the voice of your soul and honor all that your heart feels. This is the kind of healing our planet, our human race needs! Safe self-expression. 

Yes, I plan to offer this course on a regular basis. Please join my community to receive updates of all the community events and future writing courses. I will not be spamming you on the daily or selling your information. I live and operate with integrity.  

If you are unhappy with the course, you can send me an email after the first 3 days of receiving course emails to request a refund.