A Poet's Playground

A Poet's Playground


  • Available February 7, 2024!
  • Author signed copies available ONLY through Etsy.
  • I highly recommend the Print Version due to the artistic value and nature of the book.

A Poet's Playground

almost all healing is inner child healing!

A Poet's Playground is raw, vulnerable and savage.  

It includes poetry, artwork, personal quotes and short personal stories written in the midst of a painful and unexpected inner child healing period.

The painted pages reveal how my inner child found her bypassed and buried wounds, how she discovered her voice through writing, and how two decades of depression and grief turned into a life saving human transformation.  It took incredible courage and strength for me to fall off the ledge, piece my angst back together, and share it with anyone who is meant to find it.

My sincerest hope is that A Poet's Playground will transmute your emotional pain into clarity, self-understanding, self-compassion, self-trust, and a strong dose of HOPE.

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