My name is Andrea, my pen name is Cheydrea.
(Shy - Drae - Uh)

Indie Author, Savage Poet & Artist...
Liberating Voices through Authentic Self Expression 

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Creativity is the most
                expression of the human         .



I am an author, savage poet, artist, book illustrator, photographer and yoga practitioner.  

My writing gives me clarity and helps me find my voice, while poetry offers me a safe space to feel. Photography and art allow me to escape from my thoughts and connect with my heart. 

Self-expression in any art form is an antidote for the human experience and offers an infusion of natural healing. 

I am always excited and inspired by deep authentic conversations. I enjoy hiking, exploring trails, valleys, beaches, and cities where I can capture life in motion and inspiration for my words and my art.

I have two grown kids and a supportive husband. Together with them, and the people we love, it makes waking up and painting the pages of life so much more colorful. 

I am always excited to meet anyone who shares my passion for authentic connection. If that is you, let's connect. You can find me on social media @cheydrea.

Namaste, xoxo




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