"Re-creating yourself and                     yourself, requires daily acts of courage and self-love."


- cheydrea

Write your way through

wrting & poetry course

Are you lacking clarity and feeling overwhelmed?  Are you needing to let go of some things but can’t seem to find the courage?  Are you holding thoughts and feelings inside instead of expressing them?  Do you wonder who you are sometimes?  Are you having the same conversations with yourself and others that you’ve been having for far too long?  Are you ready for some BIG changes in parts of your life but not sure where to start first?  Do you need some support and direction? 

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write to heal

"Cheydrea is so kind. She knows what to say and how to say it in a way that helps me understand what I am wrestling with. Her guidance is like a dose of medicine that works almost immediately. "

- Ronda

"As I work through this course, I am amazed and excited about what I am learning about myself. I can’t wait to share this with my students at school."


"I hope you can come back to our yoga studio this year. Everyone loved the class and enjoyed your light-hearted spirit. Thank you Andrea (Cheydrea)"

- Evie and Charlie

Custom Poems

Would you like a personalized poem for yourself or someone you love? Maybe some help with non-traditional wedding vows, or a heart-felt letter?  Order here, or send me a message for something uniquely custom.

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personalized poetry

"I ordered a custom poem and Cheydrea had it finished for me in 15 minutes. It was a clever and funny poem and it made me, and my girlfriend laugh out loud."

~ Mateo

"Your ability to help me put my feelings into meaningful words was amazing.  My wedding vows are perfect now, thank you."


"Andrea is loving, kind and easy to talk to. She is passionate and dedicated to what she does. Her humble nature and positivity made me feel comfortable and understood."

~ Ana

Soul-nourishing Meditations

downloadable 6-minute guided audio meditations

I am super excited to bring you my series of short soul nourishing meditations that are easy to download and listen to - on the go or while you are resting.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over a decade.  These meditations I’ve created will help you with clarity blocks, relaxation, healing, empowerment, and manifesting and envisioning what you desire and hope for.   Click below to get notified when I have them ready!

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Handmade copper keychains designed with custom messages. Visit my Etsy shop. 

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Guided Meditations


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