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Disturb the Peace.

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My name is Andrea, my alias is Cheydrea. This is a blend of my daughter’s name and mine:
Cheyenne + Andrea. 

I am a life transformation writer, poet, speaker and yogi. I am deeply passionate about human transformation.
I write about the messy human experiences in this thing we call life.  Grief, relationships, love, loss, trauma and intuitive healing.

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Creativity is the most
                expression of the human         .



Write your Way Through

writing & poetry course

If you are lacking clarity, hope, purpose, or vision you may be trapped in GRIEF.  If you are lacking support, I am here to support you.
Read my story and visit my services page to find out more.

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Would you like a personalized poem for someone you love? Or maybe for yourself? Check out poem styles and options here.

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A mini-collection of my poetry excerpts, artistic musings and photography.

Give a         to the voiceless parts of you.


- Cheydrea

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Handmade copper keychains designed with custom messages. Visit my Etsy shop. 

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