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katie lynn rojano
beyond podcast

"I am so grateful for your contribution, your wisdom and your vulnerability. This is an episode that is so important for so many women. I am excited for them to experience it and see themselves in it - and be able to have a better understanding of their process and not feel so alone.
I wanted to give you a big message of gratitude and love!"

"Having Andrea as a guest on my podcast was an absolute delight and a truly enriching experience. Her story; both her personal journey and the one she has published, is profoundly moving and positively transformative for all who hear it.  Andrea brings authenticity to every space she enters, sharing her experiences with a sincerity and openness that is truly inspiring."

Lydia keeny
Unconditioning love

"Recording with her was nothing short of beautiful. From our very first interaction, she showed genuine passion for connecting and sharing her wisdom.  Her insights not only captivated me but also resonated deeply with our audience, leaving a lasting impact on many lives.  Andrea's ability to articulate her experiences and lessons learned is a testament to her strength and compassion."

lydia keeney
unconditioning love

"I only have good things to say about Andrea. She is a beacon of authenticity and resilience, and her presence on the podcast has been a highlight of my journey as a host. Thank you, Andrea, for your remarkable contribution and for being such a genuine light in this world."

Lydia keeney
unconditioning love

Cherie burton
the soul rose show

"Andrea's book is a treasure trove of rawness, realness and powerful authenticity as one is navigating trauma release and healing. Her poetic words hit home for me in my own healing and integration process. I love how the book is laid out, how readable and relatable it is, and how MOVING it is!"

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